Calyx by Claridge + Nature

No corporate jargon. Just a commitment for 75 years to doing the right thing for our environment.

Our parent company Claridge is committed to protecting and preserving our natural environment through a variety of ongoing programs and certifications. Calyx by Claridge Cork is made from the bark of cork oak trees without damaging the tree itself—making it both rapidly renewable and recyclable. Our carton and crating materials are composed of post-industrial and recycled materials. Tons of material are eliminated from the landfill waste stream through our in-house recycling programs.


Calyx by Claridge markerboards have achieved SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification

SCS Certification helps fulfill the goal of creating and maintaining healthy, high-performing buildings, schools and residences. This ensures that our products and materials meet strict indoor air quality emission limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


We found a green solution to a natural problem–rescuing recoverable lumber through responsible harvesting and production.

As an FSC® certified manufacturer, we use a proprietary harvesting and production process, where in-house craftsmen construct MIX’s solid ash wood frames from portions of trees unaffected by the destructive emerald ash borer beetle. We use landfill-destined ash lumber and integrates recoverable material into MIX’s stylishly durable hardwood frame.

Make a statement and capture your thoughts on a beautiful Calyx by Claridge surface worthy of attention.

FSC® License: FSC® C145983