The Story of Ombria: Whiteboards Can Be Art Too

By: Wes Andrews, Creative Manager

This year at NeoCon we introduced Ombria, a harmonious blend of colors combining the beauty of art and the functionality of a whiteboard into one. Just like an art piece, Ombria started with an idea, the idea that a whiteboard can be art too. But creating art that can also be a whiteboard is tricky, so we researched to discover what type of art would be suitable.

Creating the Recipe

Finding a balance between beauty and legibility was key to making Ombria successful. Many art pieces have very defined lines or patterns making it almost impossible to read something were you to write on it. Modern art though incorporates wide ranges of styles that sometimes due to their minimalist nature become legible when written on. Take for example this modern painting below, specifically Version A, a beautiful painting which blends brush strokes of turquoise, black and white to create a dramatic story. Notice how when we blur the painting in Version B, the text becomes more legible. Fine lines and sudden high contrast decrease legibility while subtle, slow changes increase legibility. Version C takes the stunning colors from Version B and optimizes them for a writing surface. We prioritized lighter colors for the top, where we typically write the most and prioritized darker tones for the bottom, where we typically write the least. The result is a stunning blend of colors that make a statement while maintaining the functionality of a typical whiteboard. Version C is actually Caribbean, one of our standard Ombria available on all glassboards.

Version A
Version B
Version C

Replicating the Recipe

Now that we had found a recipe, we had to create a pallet of options for different tastes and colors, so we decided to look beyond just art and see what we could discover. Turns out gradients are everywhere in our daily lives from plants, animals, architecture to even ourselves. By having a source of inspiration, a story was created for each unique Ombria. Take for example London Fog, fading from white to light grey. Although simple, this Ombria adds a touch of sophistication to your ideas. Also see Sherbet, fading from white to orange to dark orange allowing you to imagine an almost endless supply of ice cream. Any idea will look delicious on this board. The last of our examples is Lavender Haze, fading from white to light pink to light purple evoking a sense of serenity for your thoughts. In total, we created 40 standard Ombria, featuring ranges of neutrals to collections of colorful statements.

London Fog
Lavender Haze

Bespoke Capabilities

Although we carefully curated our standard Ombria, we realize that some of us want something specific, so we are offering the ability to create your own bespoke Ombria working with our creative team. To design your own Ombria, we are offering a variety of ways. The first is meeting with our creative team to discuss your idea and colors and we will create a draft based off what is discussed. The second option is bringing in a starter image to pull colors from.

Below is an example of an Ombria created by using 3 colors from the image of the flamingo wings, light pink, pink, and red.

Image Provided
Ombria Created From Image

From 40 standard colors to endless custom options, Ombria offers something for everyone’s workspace. In order to create a smooth design and ordering process, we created the Calyx Custom portal where you can discover which Ombria is right for you. Click below to start designing.

Discuss your project with our sales & design team