The Idea Behind Calyx by Claridge

By: Laurie Provin, Senior Vice President of Marketing

The modern office is transforming into spaces for collaboration, connection, and culture building, serving as hubs of energy and action. Office designers are creating spaces and layouts that inspire collaboration, social interaction, productivity, and positivity. The new Claridge commercial interiors and furniture brand, Calyx by Claridge, is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in this transformation. Calyx by Claridge is a design-driven brand created for specifiers, designers, dealers and end users of fixed and mobile writing surfaces, space creators and collaborative tools.

Standing Out from the Crowd

To avoid getting lost in a sea of sameness that can occur among brands with similar products in a well-established market segment, Calyx by Claridge was envisioned to breathe new life into the writing surface category. The goal of Calyx by Claridge is ultimately to be more than just another whiteboard brand, but to stand for something larger by infusing the brand with both purpose and personality.

The “Blooming” of Calyx

The idea behind Calyx and our approach is to bring more humanity, energy and enthusiasm while still showcasing innovated products curated for commercial interiors. We want to elevate the brand to be a true champion of active, engaged, collaboration and the modern, human-centric workplace. With hybrid, remote and other flexible working arrangements becoming the norm it is more important than ever to optimize time spent working together and Calyx by Claridge provides tools that will facilitate meaningful interaction and productive engagement through connectivity and shared energy.

Blooming of Calyx

Creating the Calyx Brand: The Claridge Way

The Claridge marketing and branding team engaged in a year-long effort to create four pillars that support the brand: collaboration, human-centric design, operational excellence, and a robust product portfolio.

A new product innovation team has also been seated, one that focuses on bringing beautifully designed and well-constructed glass boards, whiteboards, space creators, functional décor and visual communication solutions to market.

And the inspiration behind the name? The calyx is the cup-like top of the flower stem just below the petals that holds everything together, provides nutrients, and is essential for growth. As a subtle nod to the name’s origin, the ‘x’ in the logo mimics the shape of the calyx accented by a yellow “petal.”

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