Giving You The Tools To Collaborate

We bring people together in ways that inspire and energize them to be more creative, collaborative, and connected so they can do their best work with our collection of beautifully designed and constructed glassboards, whiteboards and space creating solutions for the modern hybrid workplace.

As the experts in creating collaborative spaces, we service all your needs with products manufactured and delivered across the nation saving you time and costs.

Key Differentiators:

  • 76 year manufacturing legacy
  • The most comprehensive product offering with the two best writing surfaces in the industry: glass and porcelain
  • Lifetime Warranty on the life of the building on porcelain surfaces
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing offering complete control over every aspect of manufacturing and customization
  • 6 points of distribution – 2 factories and 4 distribution centers throughout the U.S.
    • Lower freight costs and damages
    • Local Will Call on limited products
  • Calyx Express 3-Day Shipping program
  • Extensive history of international installation and distribution with leaders in commerce and international business

Extensive Distribution Network

2 manufacturing plants and 4 full-service centers provide:

  • Closer to market locations
  • Calyx 3-day shipping program
  • Local will-call on limited number of products
  • Lower freight costs
  • Fewer damages
  • One PO/one shipment

Distance calculations are based on geographic location, not driving routes. Your most accurate freight quote will be provided during order confirmation.

Products To Work & Share Ideas

Whiteboards and glassboards have a unique ability to foster engagement and interaction among team members. Creates a shared focal point that encourages active participation and collaboration.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

Calyx by Claridge offers the most comprehensive product offering with the two best writing surfaces in the industry: glass and porcelain. This allows cost averaging on a project basis with one PO.

Customized Solutions For Your Brand

Being vertically integrated with top-of-the-line equipment and experts in the field, there’s no need to outsource manufacturing– allowing us to customize printing, colors, sizes, shapes, and materials.

Sliding Systems For Extended Collaboration

Sliding systems are built to provide optimum display surfaces within easy reach for teaching, conferences, and training. The sliding and back panels can be LCS Porcelain whiteboard or chalkboard.

Space Creation Solutions              

Freestanding space divider panels work together to provide privacy and room segmentation in style. Designed to create temporary environments that quickly adapt to your ever changing needs.

Ecologically Responsible Manufacturing

LCS Porcelain writing surface is Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze certified and is 99% recyclable

  • Lifetime of the building warranty for all LCS Porcelain markerboards, no need to replace
  • Complies with organizational conformity with ISO 14001:2015 on carbon emissions
  • SCS Indoor Advantage certified
  • FSC certified
  • HPD and EPD certificates are available on various products.

If additional certifications are required for compliance, third party testing can be provided.


Collection of Products

Calyx products help create dynamic spaces that inspire the very best in workplace collaboration.

  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Government

Ready to Collaborate?