Source of Inspiration

BY: Susan Hashimoto, Creative Director

Where do you get your creative inspirations from? Designers in general, whether it’s in architectural, interior, product, graphic, or media, one will appreciate the value of inspirations to get the creative juices flowing. An inspiration can come from just about anywhere, such as nature, architecture, travel, city streets, books and magazines, or simply browsing the internet.

It’s no surprise Calyx was inspired by nature to bring MIX Biophilic mobiles to the work space. These Biophilic panels are created using natural preserved plants that are long-lasting, maintenance-free requiring no water, misting or irrigation, no light or soil, with a fresh cut look and feel for 7-10 years. It serves as a greenery décor on one side or both sides, or optional writing surface on the other.

My personal favorite sources come from art books and visiting art galleries, which can also be viewed online. Nothing beats actually visiting beautifully curated museums to ponder the artistry of the master greats, but there is also the convenience and relaxation of sipping a cup of coffee or tea in your favorite chair viewing some of the best online art galleries. Some of the best art online galleries can be found here.

A famous Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, whose art can be found at fine art galleries, is often referenced from his series of Composition and Tableau, that display several panels of repeating colors outlined with horizontal and vertical black lines, placed harmoniously on the canvas.

For centuries, Mondrian’s work has been influencing pop culture in fashion, architecture, and music.  Sleek Magazine explains how his art changed the course of pop culture.

The Mondrian Dress by Yves Saint Laurant (1965) and Prada’s AW collection (2011), courtesy of Gemeente Museum Den Haag

Rumyantsevo Station in Moscow, courtesy of Lebedev Studio

Product designs from Calyx also reflect the Mondrian influence, incorporating writing and tacking surfaces on marker boards and mobiles. Modular designs with colored panels separated by distinct frames make up the X2 Modular board and X2 Space Creators.

The X2 Modular board combines writable and tackable surfaces in repeating colors to create one continuous board.

The X2 Space Creators are tiled to create custom markerboard and tackboard surfaces. Link two or more space creators for a modern modular look that adds function to any environment.

In a digital world, searching for inspiration may be easier browsing the internet, but sometimes fresh perspectives are sparked from unexpected places. It may be a stroll outside or a visit to the marketplace. A step outside of your regular routine could open up inspirations in view of patterns, colors, or compositions. So gather up your inspirations and share your ideas on a Calyx markerboard or tack board with your collaborative team.

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