Creating Your Home Office In A Hybrid World


Home offices are growing more and more now that society is switching to a hybrid work model. This means getting your home office right will be crucial to productivity. The good thing is whether you’re planning one big or small, elaborate or simple, we have all the tips to make a space that works for you.


#1 Location is Key

Setting up your home office in a quiet location will be key to creating an efficient workspace. This may be a room that isn’t used much or a dedicated space in a common area. Be sure that your workspace isn’t too small though. Work can get stressful and the last thing you want to do is get frustrated from banging your chair into the wall behind you because you didn’t give yourself enough space.

#2 Let in That Natural Light

It’s no surprise that we at Calyx are recommending you allow some natural light into your workspace. Our entire brand is centered around wellbeing and nature. Not only will letting natural like into your space look nicer, but you will feel better and get that important Vitamin D we all need. Not to mention, if positioned the right way, natural light will help your video calls look clearer and more professional. And although natural light is important, be sure you to have a good desk lamp too if you’re working after hours.

#3 Selecting Furniture & Elements for Productivity

Choosing the right office furniture will have a large impact on your productivity and your health. Be sure you desk chair is comfortable and that your desk is large enough for you to spread out your work. Also be sure to consider desk height. 28”-30” is best but you may also like an adjustable height desk if you sometimes stand and work. Outside of a chair and a desk there are other elements that could boost your space too. Consider a markerboard for your wall or a tackboard. This will give you freedom to explore an idea the second it comes into your head.

#4 Get Smart with Storage

Storage typically isn’t the first consideration when designing a home office but it shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you have a personal business. Think about all the physical things you need to do your job. Which ones are used more and which ones are used less? Do you need closed cabinets, or open shelves? Getting this right will help keep your office space clean and organized. You may even consider something like our Nimbus Mobile which can be a writing surface or tack surface and in the middle is a total of 8 storage shelves. Talk about an all-in-one solution.


#5 Top-Tier Technology

Be sure to have excellent internet connection when you create your new office. Here are all the elements we find would be useful.

•High speed internet

•Cord management

•Large monitor

•Noise canceling headphones

And just for kicks, if you want to create the ultimate workspace, you could buy a projector and an LCS markerboard to present new ideas or if you just want to see your work on the big screen.


#6 Accessories

One of the joys of working from home is you can make it a space that works the best for you,
so choose accessories that match your style. It will boost your mood and your productivity.
Here are just a few to give you some ideas.
• Plants (obviously)
• Decor
• Items of your favorite color – this could be the color of your chair or even something subtle
like one of Calyx’s TacPads. They’re an awesome way to bring a pop of color into your


There are so many way to create a home office, so we hope these tips will give you what you
need to succeed. With a well designed office, you’ll feel better and work better. Our best ideas
come when we are our best self.

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