Our Standard. Vibrant & Earthy.

Displaying natural elements and energizing shades, Calyx by Claridge Standard Glass Colors help pull our ideas closer to the source of our muse, earth. In such transformative times, our new colors will allow us to embrace an altered landscape of possibilities.

Beginning with Storm, we are engulfed with a deep, soothing shade of blue, providing us with a foundation for our thoughts. We are then introduced to Sage, an encouraging shade of green that allows our ideas to grow organically. Terracotta is our richest and warmest color, providing the support and strength needed to construct profound concepts. Our most appetizing of shades is Plum, offering a rich source of inspiration that guarantees your ideas to be fruitful. Lastly is Zest, a bold and energetic shade of yellow designed to empower us to express our most striking ideas. 

Rekindling inspirations from our origin, Clayx’s new palette of standard glass colors encourages us to dig into our sources of inspiration so that we can discover and display unique perspectives in a new era of productivity.

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